Humat Dijlah Association

An Iraqi non-governmental organization that seeks to protect the natural heritage of the Tigris River in Iraq, with its historical extension and vital depth for the inhabitants of Mesopotamia. And joint cooperation, in relation to the common destiny of the peoples of this region.The association is committed to the principles of volunteer work, and seeks to promote issues of environmental and water conservation, as a public affair of concern to all, and affected by its improvement or deterioration by all popular groups, and attention in this aspect is not limited to governments, official bodies or specialists only, but must be a public responsibility, to work together For everyone’s sake.

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Our Aims

Humat Dijlah


water protection

Strengthening the protection of Iraqi rivers, marshes and water bodies from the dangers of dams.


climate change.

To achieve the UN goals of sustainable development by providing clean water Work to reduce global warming and climate change


raise awareness

Reduce the percentage of pollution in the rivers and raise awareness of the damage and risks of pollution.


Encouraging tourism

Encouraging tourism in the Iraqi marshes, lakes, waterfalls and various water parks. Revival of Iraqi heritage and local folklore.

How do we achieve our goals?

Anti-Giant Dam Building

To oppose the construction of giant dams and water storage projects that are used in an unfair manner and that cause the disruption of natural water courses and reduce the proportion of water quotas for the peoples participating in them.

cleaning campaigns

Organizing field cleaning campaigns and raising public awarenessof the risks and environmental and health damage caused by non-degradable wastes

tourist facilities

Calling for attention to tourist facilities in the marshes and waterfalls and natural tourist areas, providing amenities for tourists, facilitating the entry of tourist groups

studies and research

Work on the issuance of studies and research to develop strategic plans to secure the future of water wealth, and food security linked directly.

development projects

Supporting development projects that work towards achieving the goal of sustainable development through encouraging participation in the preparation of plans and studies

alternative energy

Raising awareness of the need to avoid excessive use of natural resources and supporting small projects with pioneering research experiences in the field of alternative energy

preserving water

To raise awareness about the importance of preserving water wealth and not to overuse it, and to promote modern methods of irrigation among farmers instead of traditional methods.

gas emissions

Call for the conservation of greenhouse gas emissions, and the promotion of afforestation within cities and green belts outside cities, in addition to the call to preserve the areas of water bodies.


To sensitize fishermen to the danger of the use of arbitrary methods in fishing, birds and other creatures, and to report on the destructive effects of the environment

Do you want to become with Humat dijlah?

A group of people interested in preserving   water, the   environment and    cultural heritage      inside Iraq We are back with a series of campaigns aimed at raising awareness and creating alternative solutions To  keep these  things  we have mentioned, we are all   passionate and hopeful that the situation will improve and we believe The future depends  on us and    our responsibility is to preserve water, the environment and the heritage for future generations Because a step of a thousand miles begins with a single step .


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